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So, you’ve decided to try your hand at a bit of Blackjack fun, have you? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered, as we’ve got some really great online casino Blackjack tips!

We believe that sharing is caring, and we definitely do care – so here’s our share:

Remember that you are ALWAYS playing against the dealer – who is a representative of the house (the online casino), so in actuality – you are ALWAYS playing against the house.

Blackjack Basics:

Starting with the basics is always a good bet so here are some basics about the game:

  • Played with a traditional deck of cards
    • 52 cards
    • 4 different suites (club, heart, diamond, spade)
    • 2 different colours (red and black)
  • Aim is to reach 21 points by adding up the cards you’re dealt in a hand
  • If you reach 22 points or more, this is called a ‘bust’ – and means that you are out of that particular round of the game.

Now, in order for you to beat the basics of blackjack in a live casino environment, it is just as imperative to know the above-mentioned, so as to be able to hold your own when playing in a real-life environment. The quick-paced nature of live blackjack games makes it all the more fun, added to this the promise of live blackjack bonuses to boot, and you’ve got yourself a right party on your hands.

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Is there a Live Blackjack No Deposit Bonus?

Always be sure of what the redemption criteria will be when wanting to redeem your online casino bonuses, nd in this instance live blackjack no deposit bonus offer. Some online casino gambling sites tend to invite each and every one of their players to call in or email in order to claim their online casino deposit bonus, while other online casino gaming sites only require the player to click on a predetermined button, in order for the deposit bonus to be triggered and active on the player’s online casino gaming account.

When a player in question seeks to redeem their live blackjack free bonus, be it their welcome bonus of even a weekly bonus promised to the regular casino players, there is always going to e the chance that the bonus offer could very well be live blackjack no deposit bonus offer, where the player will be rewarded for loyalty accordingly.

There are also other online casino gaming sites that simply require the player to deposit a specified minimum amount of cash into their gaming account, during perhaps a specified time period, for the deposit bonus to be automatically added to the player’s online casino gaming account balance. You can always learn more about live casino no deposit bonus in general, since some might be applicable for blackjack as well.

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How to play Blackjack for Free?

When taking up a casino online bonus, our favourite way to go about ensuring you get to enjoy a live blackjack free casino game, would be to utilise the very many types of bonus casino offers up for grabs, to redeem those wanted casino bonuses, and thereafter utilize them on a choice live blackjack free game.

blackjack welcome bonus

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By taking up the welcome bonus offers, for example, a seasoned player will know that there are perhaps 90 days in which the bonus offer will need to be redeemed by, which gives ample time to get to know the casino a bit more, while figuring out which of the live blackjack games appeals to the player more, and whereby the player will then be able to utilize their bonus offer when playing a game of live blackjack free games mode, or even real money mode.

The fact that the payer will have played the bonus money makes it almost as if the game was in fat a live blackjack free game all along. You can learn more about William Hill Live Casino and play blackjack!

What is Live Blackjack Low Stakes?

When on the lurk for Live Blackjack love stakes, what this essentially means is that the ardent player in question is seeking a live blackjack table game to get stuck into that has a low stakes to high payouts ratio. Simply put, this means that the player will be looking for the table where they will be able to bet the lowest (minimum amount) and hopefully reel in the highest payouts as well.

Checking out the live blackjack low stakes tables does not mean that players will not need to know the terminology like the back of their hands, which is why we’ve included a brief breakdown of some of the terms used by ardent blackjack players and live blackjack dealers alike, so as to give you every advantage when playing live blackjack low stakes games for the first time.

live blackjack dealer

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Blackjack terminology used regularly by all blackjack players and dealers:

  • Hit: this is when you take another card, to add to your current hand
  • Stand: this is when you decide to keep your hand as it is – no more additional cards requested.
  • Split: this is when you have 2 cards with the same rank (e.g. 2x queens), and decide to play 2 hands simultaneously. This move requires that you bet more, to enable the split.
  • Double down: this is when you decide to place one more additional bet, this way receiving ONLY one more card in the process.
  • Surrender: One could compare this move to that of folding in online casino poker. It the decision a player makes relinquish half of the total bet placed during the live blackjack casino game while dropping out of the current hand.

In Conclusion

All in all, one needs to always keep in mind that apart from all the varying facets and factors, the most important thing about playing online at your favourite safe casinos sites available, is to always have fun.

It is common knowledge that most online casino gaming sites are fully compliant with the practice of undergoing a month-to-month audit of their payout percentages. There are, of course, those one or two online gambling sites that refuse to divulge and publicise their audited payout percentage findings – but in general, most safe casino online gaming sites will publicise their audited findings.

It’s all about the good times gaming moments, so be sure to remember that all the way. Having said that, of course, it is always also great to end your game play session with a win or two, and if not why not make that a big win or three or four? Keep on spinning, you’re bound to rake in those great payout percentages in no time.

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