There seems to be plenty enough reason why players stick with Genting Casino once they have discovered its online magic. In this Genting Casino review you will find that this casino has put in the hard work to ensure each player experiences enjoyment while knowing they are receiving the most up-to-date, current and contemporary care, allowing players to focus all their attention on winning.

1. Dealers Appereance

At Genting live Casino online, there is the guarantee that no matter the game you prefer to play, you’ll be met with a charismatic, friendly and wholly attractive dealer – all to make that Genting live casino stream all the more inviting, all the more exciting!

2. Dealers Interactivity

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself forgetting that you’re playing in the comfort of your own home, as each game is made that much more fun, all thanks to the dealers’ interaction with players; whether it be making jokes, singing or voicing congrats to winners – all forming part and parcel of a Genting live casino stream.

3. Genting Technology

Genting Casino live is indeed ahead of the curve when it comes to remote gambling, and as this growing style of playing live online becomes more popular, one can clearly see how Genting live casino online has trail-blazed into unchartered gaming territory, setting a standard while intending on maintaining their lead!

4. Genting Games

Come to expect only greatness with Genting Casino online; and explore all the latest releases available in slot gaming, as well as enjoy the fun of playing your favourite table game with your very own LIVE croupier – be it Roulette, BlackJack, Poker or more, at Genting Casino live, it’s all about maximum fun & games! And remember, you still get your Genting casino free spins – no Genting casino promo code needed to claim your free spins!

5. Genting Casino Bonus

New players to Genting Casino live casino have the pleasure of enjoying a rather juicy Welcome Bonus. Upon registration with Genting Casino, they will receive a chance to experience a Genting live casino stream with an amazing 200% up to £200. Moreover, if you’re looking for Genting casino free 10 spins, we got some good news for you! New players are also given 25 Free Spins to play on a popular online slot game.

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Dealers Appearance at Genting Casino Live



Croupiers at Genting live casino are not your every-day dime-a-dozen, in other words: they’re unique, pleasant to look at, and communicate with…

One can expect to be distracted every so often from the game at hand, due to the fact that you’d be having such a ball with your dealer – a perfect combination of friendly, charming and fun is what all dealers at Genting Casino live casino display daily.

No matter your preference, be it blondes, brunettes, red-hair – we’ve got all your favourites right here. Polished to the nines, looking sleek and sophisticated, sporting perfectly placed hair to beautifully manicured fingers to an immaculate sense of dress – each dealer presents a picture of style, glamour and confidence unmatched.

Although our dealers at Genting Live Casino all speak fluent English, you’ll immediately notice an exotic accent – just another spice to add the the enticing flavour of Genting Casino live casino.

Dealers Interactivity



Playing on the Live Casino using the Genting Casino app or even just by using your laptop, you’re guaranteed hours of good time fun – especially seeing as though the dealers at Genting Casino pride themselves on being fully interactive with each player.

Not only do the dealers prompt players when necessary – inviting players to bet when they should, and advising when bets are closed – but it is not out of the ordinary to hear your dealer congratulate the winners, as well as offer a rendition of a song or two.

When playing at Genting Live casino, it is easy to think that you’re seated at a table game, inside an actual land-based casino, because interacting with your dealer is so relaxed and friendly. There is never a moment of awkwardness due to the cyber nature of it all.

A testament to the quirky, individualistic character of each Genting dealer.




At Genting Live Casino, one has the choice of many, many table games to choose from.

Do you prefer to play Casino Hold’Em? Or the classic Texas Hold’Em? Is your game of choice Immersive Roulette? Or maybe it’s more along the lines of a Genting casino live roulette or is it French Roulette? Maybe you’re more of a Baccarat player? Or just plain old Black Jack is where it’s at, in your books? Whichever tickles your fancy, Genting Live Casino has just the right one – EXCLUSIVELY for you!

As soon as you have downloaded the Genting Casino app, you’ll easily be able to navigate your way through the live gaming options – and presto, you’re good to go.

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Games & Descriptions


1. Immersive Roulette

A classic game of roulette, where the dealer dazzles with style

Minimum Bet:


3. Baccarat

Spend some time playing with the best – and get to know your dealer more using chats.

Minimum Bet:

2. Casino Hold’Em

Enjoy a quick game with a quirky, friendly dealer to boot. It’s all about that poker face!

Minimum Bet: 0.50£


4. BlackJack VIP Silver

Sing a song and tap your feet, this dealer has what it takes to keep you entertained for hours of gameplay!

Minimum Bet: 50£




So, you’ve downloaded the Genting Casino App, and have your feet up on the sofa, ready to play some Live casino games; what’s left to do, but give it a whirl?

We’re sure that what you’ll pleasantly find when playing the likes of Genting Casino roulette, or any other game on Genting Casino’s extensive list – is that Genting has what it takes to be the best.

From the outset, the imagery and visuals are crystal-clear, there is no lagging (provided the internet speed is at least 8mb per second), and the audio is pitch perfect.

What you can definitely come to expect when playing at Genting live casino, is a fast paced, interactive gaming experience that will have you coming back time and again for more and more good times.

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