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Energy Casino Live Casino - Flash Review

Energy Casino live might not be one of the first websites you think of when you consider playing a live casino game online. But once you sign up with them, you’re sure to enjoy the range of games they have on offer. Find out more in our Energy Casino online review.

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1. Dealers Appereance

Generally, the Energy casino dealers are very smart and attractive looking young people. One particular game focuses on a more “over the top” style, while another game is more like chatting with friends so has a more “dress down” style.

2. Dealers Interactivity

A fairly standard level of interactivity with most of the games at Energy Casino UK. With Dream Catcher and Blackjack Party, however, the whole point of the games seems to be to be much more of a 2 way experience than other games, with very friendly and chatty dealers in both.

3. Energy Casino Technology

A good level of quality throughout, with very little in the way of lagging or sound interruptions. Multiple camera views and good chat facilities are included across all the games, too.

4. Energy Casino Games

A wide range of different casino table games at Energy Casino online, such as you’d find in a real world establishment. These are augmented by some more quirky offerings that might appeal to people who want some more sociability while they gamble online.

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Energy Casino Live Dealers Appearance

Energy Casino Live

In common with most online live casino dealers, the majority of the dealers at Energy Casino are pleasant to look at, well dressed and youngish – probably all in the 21 – 30 age bracket. (The exception being the Dream Catcher presenters, who adopt a more outlandish look as befits the game – more details below).

The 2 roulette games dealers were smartly dressed, while the Blackjack Party dealers (a man and a woman) were more casual in appearance – as befits the more social style of the game. As is the norm for live casino play, the majority of the dealers were Eastern European. T the The overall standard of English was very good throughout, including a fairly in-depth discussion about the TV show Game of Thrones (from the Blackjack Party dealers) which featured lots of unusual words that non-fluent speakers wouldn’t be familiar with.

Energy Casino Live Dealers Interactivity


Energy Casino Live Roulette

As you’d expect from a live casino environment, there is an amount of interaction between the dealers and the players. As with most online casinos we’ve reviewed, new players are welcomed by name and congratulations are offered for any winnings.

None of the dealers seemed bored or uninterested in being there. 2 of the games we played featured a small amount of interactivity, as with most live casino games where the action is the key factor.

Both Dream Catcher and Blackjack Party, on the other hand, make a real point of how interactive they are, with the dealers encouraging questions and conversations through the online chat facility. Blackjack Party, in particular, is setup in the manner of it being a conversation in a bar, with music playing in the background and lots of chat about non-games topics.

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Energy Casino Live Games


Energy Casino Online

When it comes to Energy Casino live games – it’s no surprise that roulette features heavily in the live table games at Energy Casino – as it does in most real world casinos we’ve visited. You’ll also find a comprehensive selection of card games, such as blackjack, poker and baccarat (learn more about baccarat bonuses).

We played 2 roulette games – Golden Ball Roulette and Lucky Lady’s Roulette – both of which were engaging enough, with a certain amount of background noise adding to the atmosphere, which can certainly help when playing the Energy Casino free spins.

The other 2 Energy Casino games – Dream Catcher and Blackjack Party – are much more sociable. Dream Catcher (probably the most unusual game in the casino) is a very simple “spin the wheel” game with a TV gameshow style – especially the presenter who makes a point of being extremely chatty and sociable with everybody playing. Blackjack Party is also much more interactive, with the feel of a social occasion as much as a casino game experience.

Energy Casino Live Casino Technology


Energy Casino Online Roulette

We didn’t suffer any slow download speeds or jerky screen behaviour while playing any of the live casino games after going through the Energy Casino login. The games are based on the popular range of casino tech companies, so you know you’re getting a quality service whichever game you choose to play.

Only 1 of the games we played exhibited any lagging or slowing down during game play – Lucky Lady’s Roulette. That said, the slight jerkiness was perfectly acceptable and didn’t cause any detriment to the enjoyment of playing the game.

Each game’s screen can be resized according to the speed of your internet connection, with different options for camera views and checking up to date stats regarding the previous game play.

In general, we thought the overall speed and sound quality was very good for all the games available at Energy Casino live, with an Energy Casino app and Energy Casino mobile versions available for playing your favourite games on different devices.

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