Bet365 Live Casino - Flash Review

Bet365 is one of the biggest names in online gambling, with their casino offering a variety of live action games for you to choose from. Read on for more on the type of fun you can have at the Bet365 live casino.

1. Dealers Appereance

Good looking young dealers are the norm at Bet365 live casino. Primarily Eastern European – in common with the majority of online casinos – even the pickiest of people will have no complaints about the appearance of these dealers, with their good looks and smart presentation.

2. Dealers Interactivity

All English-speaking dealers with a professional and efficient manner. All the games were pleasant to play, though there isn’t much in the way of interactivity between players – people preferring to get on with the business at hand rather than socialise with each other.

3. bet365 Technology

Good speeds for each of the games, with little of the jerking and lagging that can occur with other online casinos. There’s also a good range of options for changing the view of the game and keeping track of game play statistics.

4. bet365 Games

You’re certain to be able to find a game you want to play at Bet365. Casino standards such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat are numerous, with several other more exotic games available for playing – including the Oriental favourites Sic Bo and Dragon Tiger.

5. bet365 Bonus/Offer

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Bet365 Live Casino Dealers Appearance


Each of the Bet365 live dealers we came across during our review of Bet365 casino was very presentable. They are all smartly dressed, attractive and well-groomed. Unusually compared to most of the online casinos we’ve seen, it is always obvious what the name of the dealer is when you’re playing the games, as their name is visible on screen.

Each of the dealers we came across during this review – Angelina, Rogers, Visvaldis and Polly – was dressed in the style you’d expect for a real world casino. The men wearing ties or bow ties and waistcoats, while the women wore elegant dresses.

Both the men (Rogers and Visvaldis) were Eastern European and had short blond or fair hair. Angelina was also Eastern European and had long dark hair, while Polly was oriental looking – probably to appeal to the Chinese / Asian player, as she was dealing a game called Dragon Tiger.

Bet365 Live Casino Dealers Interactivity



For each of the Bet365 online casino games, the dealers are friendly and business-like. New players are welcomed to the table by name and congratulations are offered to those that win.

Some of the games don’t lend themselves to a lot of “non-game” chat, as they are played quite quickly (eg Dragon Tiger, Baccarat). While playing these games you can be assured of a friendly and professional experience, with updates on the “hot and cold” numbers during the playing of roulette.

There wasn’t much in the way of Bet365 casino live chat between the players, indicating that perhaps Bet365 is an environment best-suited to people who want to play the games more than “hang out” socially.

All the dealers had a good command of English, with a little French thrown in for good measure during the baccarat game.

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Bet365 Live Casino Games



There are many different games on offer at the Bet365 live casino. Obviously this includes the perennial favourites such as Bet365 casino live roulette, blackjack and baccarat, with many different varieties of each of these standard casino table games.

Of the games we played – New Live Roulette, Royale Blackjack 2, Neptune Mini Baccarat and Dragon Tiger – the most unusual was Dragon Tiger. This is a simple “high / low” game with either the Dragon side or the Tiger side of the table winning based on the card it is dealt.

Bet365 offers a wide choice when it comes to live table games, with plenty of variety for roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker and others.

Bet365 Live Casino Technology


In general, each of the games we played was quick to load and easy to play, with very little lagging or jerkiness. The broadband connection we use is a fairly standard one, so we assume the majority of people will see the same kind of results as we did.

There are several options for changing the view of the game you’re playing, such that you can make the image fit the full size of the screen if you wish. Or you can focus on the actual game play itself, rather than include the dealer in the picture.

On top of this, there are different features that can help you make your betting decisions, including stats on latest numbers to come up in roulette, plus an ongoing record of recent cards in games such as baccarat.

It’s possible to also play the games online, with the Bet365 casino app or Bet365 live casino android version – allowing you to take advantage of the Bet365 casino bonus code from both your PC or tablet, as well as on your smartphone.

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