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Live8 has been created for more astute online casino players as a guide to the many available live dealer casino platforms that supply live game technology to online casino operators worldwide.

Online casino operators have been offering live roulette, live dealer blackjack, live dealer baccarat, Sic Bo and Caribbean poker to players for more than 10 years. It’s the closest you can get to playing a real casino online or on their tablet/ mobile devices.

Live8: All you need to know about live casinos

When you browse through Live8 you’ll be able to learn all about the live games business and the best live casinos and live casino apps to suit your game. Sections include:

  • Full live casino reviews of the best live dealer platforms, operators and dealer studios.
  • Links to live dealer studio videos and demo games
  • Live casino online game reviews covering all major games, including live roulette, live dealer blackjack, live baccarat, live Sic Bo, 3 card poker, live slots, craps, video slots, live dealer Texas Hold‘em, jackpot slots, live keno and other live table games
  • Learn about the best live stream technologies that work best in your country of residence
  • Learn about the best live dealer native and mobile web apps for Apple and Android tablets and mobiles
  • Live casino bonuses are available to you when you choose to play with a live dealer casino including first deposit bonuses, your welcome bonus, free play coupons, repeat deposit bonuses, live casino bonuses free bet, live casino no deposit bonuses, free live dealer casino games and more
  • Live gaming tips and lessons from the pros including card counting, live casino strategy, live table game strategy, bonus money tactics, betting systems and more
  • Table stakes – high and low bet limits with each live casino operator, maximum bets for high rollers and table limits for the whole suite of live games
  • Where you can play – a full list of online betting jurisdictions so you know where you can legally play at a live casino online, including European, UK, Asian and North American markets
  • Performance reviews – which live casinos have the best up time, opening hours, most active dealers, best live chat interface and most attractive dealers
  • ‘Best in show’ live casino Technology – which live dealer casinos utilise the highest spec interface, camera set ups, studios and server stacks to ensure best in breed live dealer games performance

Top 5 Live Dealer Casinos

We have looked at opening hours, welcome bonus, live casino no deposit bonus, dealer quality, platform and live dealer studio technological capabilities to define the ‘best of the best’ in live dealer casinos. Here are the top 5 live casino UK:

  1. Codeta – Offers players an authentic live casino experience from the comfort of their homes. Live dealers talk and play with you from state-of-the-art studios, streamed in crystal-clear HD quality to desktop or mobile.
  2. Mr Green – A top casino with great live casino online and state of the art studio and interface
  3. 888 – One of the kings of online casino their live dealer casino is, as expected, fantastic. Their bonuses offer great player value too.
  4. Bet365 – The innovators in sports book have invested heavily in their live dealer casino offering and it shows
  5. Full Tilt Casino – the super cool poker brand is now running evolution’s live dealer product and for poker players this is the ‘no brainer’ choice for a clean, crisp and fluid live casino experience while you’re waiting for your poker tourney to star

How do live dealer casinos work?

Live dealer casinos use high definition video cameras twinned with state of the art card/ wheel/ ball scanners (depending on the game). The scanners and cameras record live casino game events (either in a studio or in a land based casino) and relay that information through bespoke software so casino players around the world can watch the action and bet against it in real time.

For example, if we look at live dealer roulette the operating procedure between a live dealer platform, a licensed online casino operator and an online roulette player will look something like this:

Live Casino Online Roulette Game Protocol

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The appeal of live dealer is largely down to the following 3 attributes:

  1. Integrity – players trust live dealer games more than Random Number Generator (RNG) casino games
  2. Reality – live dealer casino offers the closest online experience to playing in a real land based casino
  3. Beauty – attractive dealers who chat with players live makes for a more vibrant and enjoyable playing experience

You can use the flow infographic below as a quick guide to find the best live dealer casino platform for your playing profile. Click through to the individual live dealer platform review page and you’ll be able to choose from all operators that use that platform in your home jurisdiction.

Live8 What Live Casino Game Should You Play?

Live Dealer Casino – A Short History

Many casino software businesses claim to have offered the first live dealer real money bet online. It seems that the most likely flow of events involved a business subsidiary of Stanley (‘Doctor’) Ho, the Macau casino mogul. In the early 2000’s Dr. Ho’s casino manager Adam Anhang had been developing a product to stream live casino games through an interactive platform to online players. Anhang decided to leave the Ho business to set up on his own live casino, and in 2003 launched CWC Gaming (no longer trading) with Chris Piche.

Tragically Anhang, a Canadian national, was murdered in a supposed mugging in Puerto Rico in September 2005.

Piche continued to run CWC Gaming after Anhang’s death and provided live dealer casino games from a studio in San Jose, Costa Rica. Early CWC clients included UK betting giant Ladbrokes.

CWC Gaming provided the systems and studio for Evolution Gaming (now the biggest live dealer platform) in their early days and before they built their own proprietary software and studio in Riga, Latvia in 2006.

Now there are more than 15 credible live dealer casino platforms in existence servicing hundreds of online gaming operators and millions of customers around the world.

Live Casino Online Games

You’ll see below a summary of all the different casino table games you can choose from when you pick a live dealer casino. However if you just want to pick a live casino and start playing here are the top 3 welcome live casino bonuses and live casino no deposit bonus at live dealer casinos for the most popular games of live dealer blackjack, live roulette, live dealer baccarat and live dealer poker:

Live Casino Blackjack Top 3 Welcome Bonuses

Winner£30 Free, 200% up to £300
Coralup to £50 Match Up
Bet365100% up to £100

Live Casino Roulette Top 3 Welcome Bonuses

Energy7£ Free, 100% up to 250€ Free + 100FS
Leo Vegas100% up to £100 for Live Casino
Cherry CasinoUP to 300FS

Live Casino Baccarat Top 3 Welcome Bonuses

Codeta10% Top up/Cash back
Genting200% up to £200 + 25FS
Betfair100% up to £100

Live Casino Poker Best Top 3 Bonuses

William Hill10£ Free + 100& up to £300
888 Casino100% up to £100, spin the wheel for up to £888 free
Comeon100% up to £25

Live Dealer Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack shares many technical features with live dealer roulette, most notably a studio with game table, a live dealer, multiple high resolution cameras, an integrated software interface to convert the live cards to virtual cards, a monitor and a Game Control Unit, known as a GCU.

The GCU is a small box that tells the dealer what to do next. Actions include chat and relaying requests such as card, split, double or stay from the remote players. The monitor is a screen placed by the central camera that allows the dealer to see what is shown on player’s screens, their actions and any chat they need to respond to. It is through this monitor that the dealer manages player interaction and gameplay.

In addition, live blackjack tables have scanners that track barcodes or embedded chips in the cards as they are pulled from the shoe.

You can see a typical live dealer blackjack set up in the graphic below:

Live Casino Blackjack Player Interfaces

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Live Roulette

Live dealer roulette follows the exact rules of casino roulette. You are able to choose between American roulette (with a zero and a double zero) and European Roulette (with just a single zero) at any online live casino UK or others.

The house edge for European roulette is better for you the player at 2.70% compared to 5.26% for American Roulette. This being the case you should always seek out the European version of the game if you want to give yourself the best chance of winning when playing live roulette.

When playing live roulette, live dealer platforms allow for an exponential amount of online players. This means that unlike in a land based casino, where you can see the betting patterns on the table it’s physically impossible to show every chip in lay (there could be millions!). However this is only likely to affect more superstitious players who follow winning bettors. For more pragmatic roulette players you should be looking for the following attributes before choosing the best live roulette platform for you:

  • Bet limits – does the platform offer the stakes you want to bet with?
  • Up time – what % up time does the platform claim to have maintained over recent weeks/ months?
  • Bonuses – what type of live casino bonuses are on offer and are there regular promotions
  • Licensed operators – it may be that you have accounts with certain operators and you only want to bet with them. For example if you manage your bankroll through one or two operators only. If this is the case then you can find your preferred operator on the Live Dealer Operators page here

Most live dealer roulette platforms will offer a variation of the below user interface:

Live Dealer Roulette Player Interfaces

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Live Dealer Roulette Tables and Software

To learn about the rules of live dealer roulette, bet types, roulette systems and strategies please visit our sister site,

Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat is a table game popular in the USA but more so in continental Europe and the Far East.

Payers can choose to bet on either the banker’s hand or the player’s hand. The live dealer in the studio deals two cards to the player and then the banker.

Face cards and tens are worth nothing. All other cards are face value and aces worth one point. If the total adds up to ten or more the second number in the hand is the value of the hand, therefore if the player’s hand receives an 8 and a 4 adding up to 12 then the hand value is 2. To win, the player must bet on the hand whose total is nearer to 9 points.

Live Baccarat studios utilise exactly the same setup and configuration as live blackjack. In fact, many live dealer platforms simply switch the cameras across between the two games depending on the demand.

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Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a frantic, fast paced live casino game popular with craps players and roulette aficionados and with live dealer casino players in the Far East. It isn’t offered by all live casino online platforms so if you want to play Sic Bo check out the Live Dealer Games page here (Link to Live dealer games page).

Although ‘Sic Bo’ actually translates as ‘dice pair’ you play the game with three dice.

There are various combinations of bets in live Sic Bo – you’ll see similarities with standard roulette bets immediately.

Betting types include: Total bets, Combination bets, Single bets, Double bets and Triple bets. You can read more about Sib Bo betting types, systems and strategies here.

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Live Caribbean Poker

Caribbean or 3 Card Stud poker is the only variant of poker that can be played against a casino and as such, the only poker variant to be found on live dealer platforms. With a house edge of 5.22% Caribbean Stud poker is one of the worst games to play on a live casino so should only be played for the fun of the game and not for to win big.

  • High Card – 3 cards of different values that aren’t consecutive and not matching suits.
  • Pair – 2 cards of the same value and one of a different value
  • Flush – 3 cards in the same suit.
  • Straight – 3 cards in consecutive order and different suits.
  • Three of a Kind – 3 cards of the same value when higher values beat lower values.
  • Straight Flush – 3 cards in order and in the same suit.

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Live Dragon Tiger & Live Hi/ Lo

If you want to play the simplest form of gambling in a live casino then Dragon Tiger is the game for you. Available from Amaya/Ho Gaming in the VIP suite and through a select number of live dealer platforms Dragon Tiger is the same as High/ Low. The player can bet on either dragon or tiger (or in ‘high/ low’ on the high or low spot).

Ace is low and king beats all. Both the Dragon and Tiger spots pay odds of even money (so if you back the right spot you’ll double your money). If the cards match it’s a tie and the dealer/ house will take 50% of the player’s bet. The player does, however, have the option to bet on a tie with odds of 8 to 1.

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Live Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

This is the closest you’ll get to a true poker game versus the house. The world’s favourite poker game variant, Texas Hold ‘em, is repurposed in this live dealer version.

As a variant of five-card poker the player is dealt two cards, which they have to use alongside the five cards in the flop. The aim of the game is to make the best 5 card hand.

Live Dealer Casino Hold ‘em rules go as follows:

  • The players start with an ante bet
  • Each player is dealt 2 pocket or hole cards (face up)
  • The dealer draws 2 cards (face down)
  • The dealer draws 3 cards for the flop
  • Players either fold and lose their bet or call. A call necessitates an additional bet of twice the value of the ante
  • The final 2 shared (community) cards are drawn by the dealer
  • The player wins if their hand beats the dealer’s hand, but the dealer’s hand must qualify to make the hand valid (i.e. their hand must be at least a pair of 4s).
  • A win in this case means the player wins even money on the call bet and a payout on their ante.
  • If the player’s hand beats the dealer’s hand and the dealer doesn’t qualify then the player will receive the call bet and a pay on the ante.

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Live Casino Online Platforms

Actual Gaming/ VueTec

AboutActual Gaming is a VueTec company.
Licensees Aff LinksLuckyLiveCasino, DublinBet, Lucky31, Penthouse Casino & card Club, Magic Star Live, Starfish Media, Fitzwilliam Card Club, Casino Extra, Casino Estrella, PlayPearls, 1LiveCasino, Expo Casino, NorseBet, GarboBet, BetRealm, GlobalLive Casino, Pelisali, Casino Chic, GranCasino
Studio LocationLuton, UK & Curacao
Live Dealer Games OferredLive roulette, Baccarat, Live Auto roulette
PositivesFully customizable High definition streaming Desktop and mobile devices support Good security Constantly growing game base
NegativesNo live dealer studio In casino video setup and software only
Founded InN/a
Dealer NationalityCan be any nationality, mostly European casino dealers
Owned ByVueTec
Up TimeGood
AwardsNone advertised
Market AvailabilityAll regulated and grey markets as offered by licensees
Licenses HeldCuracao/ Dutch Antilles
Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesTotal (max 40)
AboutActual Gaming is a VueTec company.


Aff Links

LuckyLiveCasino, DublinBet, Lucky31, Penthouse Casino & card Club, Magic Star Live, Starfish Media, Fitzwilliam Card Club, Casino Extra, Casino Estrella, PlayPearls, 1LiveCasino, Expo Casino, NorseBet, GarboBet, BetRealm, GlobalLive Casino, Pelisali, Casino Chic, GranCasino
Studio LocationLuton, UK & Curacao
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive roulette, Baccarat, Live Auto roulette
  • Fully customisable
  • High definition streaming
  • Desktop and mobile devices support
  • Good security
  • Constantly growing game base
NegativesNo live dealer studio

In casino video setup and software only

Founded InN/a
Dealer NationalityCan be any nationality, mostly European casino dealers
Owned ByVueTec
Up TimeGood
AwardsNone advertised
Market AvailabilityAll regulated and grey markets as offered by licensees
Licenses HeldCuracao/ Dutch Antilles

Actual Gaming/ VueTec score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesTotal

(max 40)



Amaya/ Ho Gaming

AboutAmaya, the global gaming behemoth that bought former Pokerstars and Full Tilt owner Rational Group has partnered with casino stalwarts Ho Gaming (part of Doctor Stanley Ho’s Macau based casino empire).


Aff Links

188Bet, Intercasino
Studio LocationTallinn, Estonia
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer Blackjack, Baccarat & Roulette

Dragon Tiger, Hi/ Low (In Ho Gaming VIP suite only)

PositivesOne of the world’s biggest gaming groups – your money is secure
NegativesNot a full game suite – casino poker is lacking
Founded In2004
Dealer NationalityAustralian, Eastern European. All fluent in English with limited alternate languages available
Owned ByAmaya is a publicly traded company based in Toronto
Up TimeVery good
AwardsNo publicised
Market AvailabilityAll regulated markets plus Russia, Germany, Canada, Mexico and Japan.
Licenses Held12 European jurisdictions

Amaya/ Ho Gaming score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesTotal

Max 40



Bodog Asia

AboutBodog Asia is, as the name suggests a casino provider focussing on the Far East market. An offshoot of the (in)famous Bodog B2C brand and in partnership with Ho Gaming Bodog Asia is one of the less well-known live dealer platforms.

Aff Links

Bodog88, Vera&John
Studio LocationManila, Philippines
Live Dealer Games OfferedBaccarat, Blackjack
PositivesLocalized games for Far East players
NegativesNot tier 1 for European or North American players
Founded In1994
Dealer NationalityFilipino
Owned ByBodog is a privately owned company
Up TimeN/a
Market AvailabilityChina, Malaysia & Thailand
Licenses HeldFirst Cagayan/ CEZA Philippines

Bodog Asia score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesTotal

Max 40



AboutCodeta calls itself the ultimate online casino experience for players who enjoy playing live games. The live casino is powered by EveryMatrix, an award-winning platform that offers a world-class selection of content from a library of 3,000+ titles.

Aff Links

Studio LocationMalta
Live Dealer Games OfferedRoulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Hold’em Poker, Dice games
PositivesSlick, modern casino with generous bonuses and a wide range of live casino games.
NegativesNot available to UK and US players
Founded In2006
Dealer NationalityMaltese, Italian, East European
Owned ByCodeta is a private company managed and operated by EveryMatrix Ltd
Up TimeN/A Newcomer of the Year 2016
Market AvailabilityMost regulated markets, with some exceptions.
Licenses HeldMalta Gaming Authority, Curacao eGaming

Codeta score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesTotal

Max 40



Entwine Tech

AboutFormerly known as Entertasia, Entwine Tech is the most established and significant live dealer platform in the Far East. With a game suite offering almost every variant of the live casino games and outstanding security and up time they are one of the best in the world.

Aff Links

188Bet, + over 30 Asian casino brands
Studio LocationPhilippines, Malaysia and Macau.
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette, live Sic Bo, live Dragon and Tiger
  • 1 Software, 2 Studios, 2 Experiences for players
  • Competitive Cost
  • Download and flash based offerings
  • Prolific game choice
  • Bonus System plug-in
  • Affiliate System plug-in
  • Full reporting system for business analysis
  • Cash and Credit Admin System for global markets
  • EntwineTech has been a Live Dealer solution provider for over 10 years
  • EntwineTech serves over 70 licensees worldwide

Our software can handle thousands of concurrent players in any split of second

NegativesA better offering for players in Far East markets rather than European or North America
Founded In2004
Dealer Nationality
  • Western and Asian dealers
Owned ByN/a
Up TimeGuaranteed 98.99% uptime & defense against DDOS attacks.
  • A Star of Software Company cited by First Cagayan
  • Nominated the Best software by The International Gaming Awards in 2010

Our licensee was nominated The Asian Live Gaming Operator of the Year by eGaming Awards in 2009

Market Availability
Licenses HeldEntwineTech has 70 licenses including an Alderney license, First Cagayan license, IOM certificate with TST tested software

Entwine Tech score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40



Evolution Gaming

AboutEvolution Gaming was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in London with its main studio operation in Latvia. By most comparisons the world’s leading live dealer casino platform Evolution offers great games, terrific up time, licenses to operate in all regulated jurisdictions and a stream of beautiful, well trained dealers. Headquartered in Malta the studios are in Latvia and they are registered in Sweden. Evolution Gaming remain the one to beat in the live dealer industry and in September 2015 signed a strategic partnership to run Microgaming’s live dealer casino operations.

Aff Links

888 Live

William Hill



Party Casino

Paddy Power

Sky Bet





Full Tilt


Studio LocationRiga, Latvia and various land based casinos
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer Blackjack, Live Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Casino Hold ‘em, 3 Card Poker
PositivesThe safe bet of live dealer casino platforms. As an innovator Evolution Gaming have led the way in this sector and any licensee will offer players the best of the best in security, game options, stakes and dealer choice.
NegativesVery few, other than they might not be the best platform for player in unregulated markets and the Far East
Founded In2006
Dealer NationalityMostly Latvian, British and Eastern European
Owned ByEvolution listed on Nasdaq First North Premier, Stockholm on 20 March 2015
Up TimeExceptional
Awards2014 EGR Game of the Year. 2010 EGR Live Casino Software Supplier Of The Year and Software Rising Star of the Year
Market AvailabilityAll regulated markets, some grey markets
Licenses HeldAGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission) – Category 2

MGA (Malta Gaming Authority)  – Class 4 License UKGC (the UK Gambling Commission) – Combined Remote Operating License

Certified by AAMS (Amministrazione Autonoma Monopoli di Stato) in Italy

Certified by SKAT (the Danish tax authority) and DGA (Danish Gaming Authority) in Denmark

Certified by DGOJ (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego) and Murcia in Spain

Evolution was also the first Live Casino provider to gain Preliminary Waiver Approval for New Jersey, USA.

Evolution Gaming score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40


Global Gaming Labs

AboutGlobal Gaming Labs

Aff Links, Pinnacle Sports, BetMonkey, PlayBet24,,, AliQuantum + 30 more operators
Studio LocationSan Jose, Costa Rica
Live Dealer Games OfferedBlackjack, Baccarat and Roulette. As well as, 3 special games: Sic Bo, Live Poker and Punto Banco.
PositivesFriendly dealers Intelligent disconnection management

Double roulette cameras

Automatic roulette results reader

Easy chat options

Over 250,000,000 hands served

Bilingual dealers – English-Spanish

HD video transmission

NegativesOnly English and Spanish speaking dealers
Founded InN/a
Dealer NationalityCosta Rican
Owned ByN/a
Up Time99.87% up time
AwardsNone publicised
Market AvailabilityEnglish & Spanish speaking regulated and grey markets
Licenses HeldCosta Rica

Global Gaming score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40



MediaLive Casino

AboutMediaLive Casino

Aff Links


710Live Casino

Gold Bet, Hit Casinos Group Italy



Studio Location
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, live baccarat & live roulette (multi variants of each)
PositivesAn established and well-managed independent live dealer casino specialist based in Malta. A good selection of core games and high end back end meaning strong up time percentage MediaLive is a solid platform for the live dealer player.
NegativesEnglish language dealer focus and only a slim choice of operator licensees.
Founded In2005
Dealer NationalityMaltese & British
Owned ByN/a
Up TimeVery good
AwardsNot publicised
Market AvailabilityAll regulated European markets and selected grey markets
Licenses HeldUK, Malta, Italy, Isle of Man, Latvia & Estonia

MediaLive Casino score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40




AboutMicrogaming is a betting and gaming giant. Alongside Playtech the Isle of Man based company licenses games and platform technology to a significant percentage of global gaming operators. Their live dealer outfit has been updated and optimise over the years and is now the live casino platform of choice for some of theist named brands in European online betting.
In September 2015 Microgaming signed a strategic partnership to retain Evolution Gaming as their supplier of all live dealer casino operations.

Aff Links



Royal Vegas

Roxy Palace



Smart Live Casino


Studio LocationIsle of Man
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette & live casino Texas Hold ‘em (multi variants of each)
PositivesA solid live dealer casino platform with a state of he art Canadian studio as you’d expect from an industry leader. A good selection of game variants and top of the line technology.
NegativesNo Asian studio meaning Far East players won’t be serviced.

Not a full spectrum of game variants

Founded In2006
Dealer NationalityCanadian
Owned ByMicrogaming remains a privately owned company
Up TimeVery good
AwardsNo publicised
Market AvailabilityAll regulated markets and some grey markets
Licenses HeldIsle of Man and most European regulated markets

Microgaming score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40




AboutNetEnt is a Swedish company with headquarters in Stockholm and live casino operations in Malta.

Aff Links




Smart Live

Studio LocationMalta
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, live common draw blackjack, live roulette
PositivesRadiant HD streaming quality, low latency, Live Common Draw Blackjack, with unlimited seating,
NegativesNot a full suite of live casino game choices, only one European studio and a slim list of licensees mean NetEnt is a mid table live dealer casino platform at best
Founded In1996
Dealer NationalityMaltese & British
Owned ByListed on Stockholm Stock Exchange
Up TimeVery good
AwardsNone publicised
Market AvailabilityAll European regulated markets and some grey markets
Licenses HeldMalta

NetEnt score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40




AboutPlaytech sits next to Microgaming as a giant of global online gaming software. The Israeli company offers services across the whole spectrum from native app games through to payment processing. Unsurprisingly Playtech offers one of the most comprehensive live dealer casino platforms around and challenges Evolution Gaming for the Number 1 spot.

Aff Links


William Hill

Euro Grand

Paddy Power


Gala Casino

Sky Casino






Studio LocationRiga, Latvia and Asia
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, live baccarat, live roulette, plus Unlimited Blackjack, Double Screen Roulette and the exclusive Casino Hold ’em.
PositivesPlaytech offers great quality live dealer casino games using a high technology platform and studio set up across its European and Asian sites.
NegativesNot many negatives but their game suite is broader out of their Asian studio
Founded In1999 (live dealer operation launched in 2009)
Dealer NationalityBritish, Italian, Latvian and Spanish
Owned ByTraded on the London Stock Exchange
Up TimeVery good
AwardsNot publicised
Market AvailabilityAll European regulated and grey markets plus multiple Asian markets
Licenses HeldUnited Kingdom and multiple gaming licenses around the world

Playtech score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40



Portomaso Live/ Wirex

AboutPortomaso Live uses live casino content from their Malta casinos serviced through Italian software company Wirex’s platform. For a small outfit, the feeds are very good and their platform is robust.

Aff Links

Portomaso Live only
Studio LocationMalta (on the Portomaso casino floor itself)
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, live baccarat, live European roulette
PositivesA solid offering for a small platform
NegativesOnly 1 licensee!
Founded InN/a
Dealer NationalityMaltese
Owned ByPortomaso Casino
Up TimeGood
AwardsNone publicised
Market AvailabilityItaly
Licenses HeldMalta

Portomaso Live score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40



Smart Live Gaming

AboutSmartLive Gaming uses their own proprietary live casino platform combined with Microgaming and NetEnt technology.

Aff Links

Smart Live Casino
Studio LocationLondon
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack & live roulette
PositivesFor a smaller independent platform Smart Live holds a good account of itself, however it’s lack of operator licensees and capability to innovate/ differentiate make it a mid table option.
NegativesSlim game choice and no Asian studio.
Founded In2007
Dealer NationalityBritish
Owned ByA Turkish umbrella business
Up TimeGood
AwardsNone publicised
Market AvailabilityUK and regulated European markets plus some grey markets
Licenses HeldMalta

Smart Live Gaming score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40



Visionary iGaming

AboutVisionary iGaming’s website says a huge amount but really answers no questions a live casino player would ask. A third tier platform for live dealer players (as their tertiary brand licensee list would suggest).

Aff Links






AC Casino

Casino Extra

Studio Location
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, Live baccarat, Live roulette, Live Super 6 & live casino poker
PositivesNot many – it works as a live casino platform but there are many better out there
NegativesMany – poor game choice, no Asian studio, few licensed operators, Spanish/ English language only
Founded InN/a
Dealer NationalityCosta Rican
Owned ByN/a
Up TimeGood
AwardsNone publicised
Market AvailabilityRegulated and grey markets
Licenses HeldCosta Rica

Visionary iGaming score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40



Vivo Gaming

AboutVivo Gaming is definitely a tier 2 live dealer platform and yet supplies a live casino game feed to some credible and established partners. With 25 (claimed) languages and operations in Costa Rica and Manila they have a broad reach but are not as technologically or operationally pristine as the leading platforms.

Aff Links

SB Tech, Paris Casino,,, TomHorn Enterprise, Rival, BetSoft, Casino Cruise, Beyond Gaming, techno iGaming, EveryMatrix &
Studio LocationCosta Rica and Manila
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat, live dealer Dragon Tiger, Craps, Sic Bo & live casino poker
  • Real casino look and feel.
  • Real-time interaction with dealers and fellow players.
  • Easy to use intuitive interface with many exciting features.
  • “Total Peace of mind” – same as playing in a real casino.
NegativesTheir website makes them look like a tier 3 operation and the lack of information on their regulatory license is unsettling. They have a decent roster of licensees and an average game suite but they can’t compete with the European leading platforms.
Founded In2007
Dealer NationalityUSA/ Filipino/ Costa Rica
Owned ByN/a
Up TimeGood
AwardsNone publicised
Market AvailabilityRegulated and grey markets
Licenses HeldCosta Rica and pending Philippines

Vivo Gaming score sheet (scores out of 10)

Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

Max 40



XPro Gaming

AboutXPro Gaming has been around for a while and has a very impressive games roster – ne of the best in fact.

Aff Links

Slots Magic,

EU casino,

Simba Games,

Casino red Kings,

Luna Casino,

Planet Win 365,



Studio LocationEastern Europe
Live Dealer Games OfferedLive dealer blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat, live baccarat Super 6, live dealer Dragon Tiger, live Sic Bo, live Casino Hold ‘em & live multi-player Poker tables.
PositivesGreat selection of games and variants
NegativesPoor quality licensees, no clarification about studio set up or technology in their back end.
Founded In2005
Dealer NationalityN/a
Owned ByN/a
Up TimeGood
AwardsNone publicised
Market AvailabilityRegulated and grey European markets
Licenses HeldN/a

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Live Game ChoiceLicenseesHi Stakes?Dealer ChoicesUp Time

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Live Casino Dealers

One of the most obvious benefits of any live dealer casino are the dealers themselves. Live casino gaming platforms invest a huge amount of time and energy in recruiting (predominantly) female dealers who can be trained to land-based casino dealer standard whilst looking great on a player’s screen.

Due to the location of live dealer studios in various gaming jurisdictions around the world the dealers will largely fall into one of 6 ethnicities:

  • Caucasian British – for UK based studios
  • Latin Hispanic – for Costa Rica based studios
  • Filipino – for Philippines based studios
  • Asian – for Macau and China based studios
  • Southern European – for Malta and Italian based studios
  • Eastern European – for Latvian and Estonian based studios

Many live dealer casino players choose their game first then their preferred table by the dealer. Some have preferred, ‘lucky’ dealers, others just go with a dealer they like or have enjoyed a good gaming experience with in the past.

The table below outlines each live dealer casino operator, the dealer rating working in their studio or on their private tables and where the dealers come from.

The dealers have been independently rated out of 10 using the following criteria:

  • Attractiveness – are the female dealers physically appealing?
  • Friendliness – do the dealers put every effort into chat interaction with players?
  • Professionalism – Do the dealers manage the game to land based casino standards?
  • The quality of the dealer’s studio surroundings

You can use the table to ensure the type of dealer you’re looking for is available at the online casino you choose to visit:

Operator NameLive Casino PlatformDealer Rating (out of 10)Dealer Nationality
888Evolution/ Entwine Tech8Latvian/ European/ Asian
7Red.comVivo Gaming7Costa Rican and Filipino
AliQuantumGlobal Gaming Labs5Costa Rican
PinnacleSportsGlobal Gaming Labs7Costa Rican
188BetAmaya/ Ho Gaming & Entwine Tech8Estonian/ European/ Philipines, Malaysia & Macau
1LiveCasinoActual Gaming/ VueTec7European
5dimesVisionary iGaming5Costa Rican
710Live CasinoMediaLive Casino4Maltese and southern European
888 LiveEvolution Gaming4Latvian and European
90dakika.comGlobal Gaming Labs5Costa Rican
AC CasinoVisionary iGaming5Costa Rican
AceLiveVisionary iGaming5Costa Rican
Bet365Playtech8Latvian & Asian
BetFredPlaytech7Latvian & Asian
BetVictorNetEnt8Maltese, British and southern European
BeteBetXpro Gaming5Eastern European
BetfairPlaytech7Latvian & Asian
BetFlagMediaLive Casino5Maltese and southern European
BetMonkeyGlobal Gaming Labs4Costa Rican
BetRealmActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
BetSoftVivo Gaming5Costa Rican and Filipino
BetssonEvolution Gaming & NetEnt8Latvian Maltese, British and southern European
BetvictorEvolution Gaming & MedialIve7Latvian and European
Beyond GamingVivo Gaming5Costa Rican and Filipino
Bodog88Bodog Asia5Filipino
BwinEvolution Gaming7Latvian and European
Casino & card ClubActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
Casino ChicActual Gaming/ VueTec5European
Casino CruiseVivo Gaming4Costa Rican and Filipino
Casino EstrellaActual Gaming/ VueTec3European
Casino ExtraVisionary iGaming4Costa Rican
Casino ExtraActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
Casino red KingsXpro Gaming5Eastern European
CastleVisionary iGaming5Costa Rican
CelticVisionary iGaming6Costa Rican
DublinBetMicrogaming & Actual Gaming/ Vuetec5Canadian & European
EU casinoXpro Gaming4Eastern European
Euro GrandPlaytech7Latvian & Asian
EuropaPlaytech7Latvian & Asian
EveryMatrixVivo Gaming6Costa Rican and Filipino
Expo Casino,Actual Gaming/ VueTec5European
FairwayVisionary iGaming4Costa Rican
Fitzwilliam Card ClubActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
FullTilt CasinoEvolution Gaming7Latvian and European
Gala CasinoPlaytech7Latvian & Asian
GarboBetActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
GlobalLive CasinoActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
Gold BetMediaLive Casino5Maltese and southern European
GranCasinoActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
Grosvenor CasinoEvolution Gaming7Latvian and European
Hit Casinos Group ItalyMediaLive Casino6Maltese and southern European
IntercasinoAmaya/ Ho Gaming6Estonian/ European
LadbrokesPlaytech7Latvian & Asian
Live Starfish MediaActual Gaming/ VueTec3European
Lucky31Actual Gaming/ VueTec4European
LuckyLiveCasinoActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
Luna CasinoXpro Gaming4Eastern European
Magic StarActual Gaming/ VueTec5European
MonteCasino.comGlobal Gaming Labs5Costa Rican
Mr GreenEvolution Gaming8Latvian and European
NorgesSpill.comVivo Gaming5Costa Rican and Filipino
NorseBetActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
NoxWinXpro Gaming3Eastern European
OptiBetMediaLive Casino4Maltese and southern European
Paddy PowerEvolution Gaming & Playtech7Latvian and European
PafEvolution Gaming7Latvian and European
Palpitos24.comVivo Gaming5Costa Rican and Filipino
Paris CasinoVivo Gaming5Costa Rican and Filipino
PartyCasinoEvolution Gaming8Latvian and European
PelisaliActual Gaming/ VueTec4European
PenthouseActual Gaming/ VueTec6European
Planet Win 365Xpro Gaming5Eastern European
PlayBet24Global Gaming Labs4Costa Rican
PlayPearlsActual Gaming/ VueTec5European
PokerStarsEvolution Gaming7Latvian and European
Portomaso casinoPortomaso Live/ Wirex5Maltese
RivalVivo Gaming6Costa Rican and Filipino
Roxy PalaceMicrogaming7Canadian
Royal VegasMicrogaming7Canadian
SB TechVivo Gaming6Costa Rican and Filipino
Simba GamesXpro Gaming4Eastern European
Sky CasinoPlaytech7Latvian & Asian
SkyBetEvolution Gaming8Latvian and European
Slots MagicXpro Gaming6Eastern European
Smart LiveNetEnt6Maltese, British and southern European
Smart Live CasinoMicrogaming7Canadian
techno iGamingVivo Gaming5Costa Rican and Filipino
TitanPlaytech7Latvian & Asian
Tom Horn EnterpriseVivo Gaming4Costa Rican and Filipino
TropezPlaytech6Latvian & Asian
UnibetEvolution Gaming & Net Ent8Latvian and European
Vera&JohnBodog Asia4Filipino
William HillEvolution Gaming & Playtech8Latvian and European
YouWin.comGlobal Gaming Labs6Costa Rican

Live Casino Online Game Strategy

How to play live casino Roulette

The difference between American, European and French live dealer roulette

There are 2 distinct and commonly played types of roulette in live dealer casinos UK and around the world. The first, European Roulette is most commonly found in European live dealer casino studios. It only differs in one small but key characteristic from American Roulette – European roulette wheels have only one pocket for zero, whilst American wheels and game tables have a zero and a double zero.

This gives a house edge on European roulette at 2.70% compared to 5.26% in American Roulette, meaning you should always play European live roulette version when possible.

Learning the Rules of live dealer roulette will help you play the game better, give you an edge and help you to generate wins

How to play Roulette

The key elements of a roulette game, whether in a casino, online or on a mobile device are the game wheel, roulette ball, bet table and gaming chips. In a land based casino you’ll also have a croupier – a role that is replicated online by platform providers in Live Dealer online casino versions of the game.

The aim of the roulette is to guess which numbered pocket the roulette ball will end up in once the wheel has stopped spinning. You bet using chips which you place on numbered spots, lines, boxes or junctions on the gaming table. In roulette, players bet against the casino (known as ‘the house’) not against other players. It should come as no surprise that the house has the edge when it comes to chances to win.

To learn more about the basic rules of roulette and understand betting strategy and live roulette systems have a look at our specialist roulette site

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How to play live dealer Blackjack strategy

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games in the world and one that translates very well in its live dealer casino format.

Live casino blackjack is played with one or more fifty two-card decks. Kings, queens, and jacks have a value of 10 and other cards are worth their face value. Aces can be used as 1 or 11. The aim of blackjack is to get to a total as close to 21 (without going over) and at the same time to beat the dealer’s total hand value.

If you score 21 points with your first 2 cards it’s known as ‘a blackjack’. If the dealer also scores 21 with their first 2 cards then the hand is tied and the player gets their original bet back.

Live Dealer Blackjack Table

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You start the game of live dealer blackjack by betting chips in 1 or more spots. Once all bets are on the table all players and the dealer are dealt 2 cards. One of the dealer’s cards is shown while the other is face down – it is this shown card that players must make their betting decisions against.

Players make decisions depending on the dealer’s shown card and the 2 cards in their hand. Options for the player are as follows:

  • Hit – Taking another card or cards to take your total closer towards 21.
  • Stand – You don’t want any more cards
  • Double down -You can take one more card and double your bet.  You may choose to do this when you have a total of 10 or 11 as another 10 value card will make your hand an unbeatable 21 (and 10 is by far the most common card value in the deck).
  • Split – When your 2 cards in hand are the same value you can split them and take 2 additional cards in an effort to make 2 winning hands and enhancing your winning pot %. You must bet the same amount on your second hand as the first, so if the dealer wins, you will in effect lose twice the money.
  • Insurance – When the dealer is showing an ace (and thus has a decent chance of scoring blackjack) you can take what’s known as insurance. Most players see insurance as a poor value bet but this is an individual decision you must make depending on your game style, strategy and bankroll.

How to play live dealer Baccarat strategy

Baccarat, also known as Punto Banco is a famous casino game that translates well to the live dealer casino set up. Using a 6 or 8 deck shoe the dealer runs the game with a half circle of player spots in front of them. Every face card and all the 10s have a value of zero. Cards valued at less than 10 are given their face value, with aces given a value of 1. If a total value of more than 10 is reached then the left hand card value is dropped, meaning 14 is counted as 4 and 23 is counted as 3.

At the start of each game the players have the option to place a bet on Bank (Banco), Player (Punto) or ‘Standoff’. The dealer deals out two cards to each of the bank and player spots starting with the player spot. The aim of Baccarat is to pick the winning spot – that is the one with the highest single figure value. A third card can be given to either the player or the bank.

House edge in Baccarat

  • Banker (Banco) 1.17%
  • Player (Punto) 1.36%
  • Tie 14.12% giving an 8:1 payout

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How to play live dealer Sic Bo strategy

Sic Bo is a Chinese game played with 3 dice and a game board. Live dealer Sic Bo is played with land based casino rules and looks/ pays exactly the same online. Sic Bo is both exciting and easy to play, and offers players a wide variety of options.  Payouts range from even money up to 150 to 1.

The betting options in Sic Bo are easy to identify from the gaming table itself. The dealer will either shake and roll the dice or, more likely in a live dealer casino, they will activate a dice shaker under a plastic or glass bubble. When all players have laid their bets on the gaming board (via drag and drop or click and place functionality) the dealer will shake the dice.

When the die come to rest the game table will light up showing the result. The live Sic Bo table will automatically remove losing bets as in live dealer roulette.

There are 8 ways you can bet on a game of Sic Bo and we’ve listed these with simple descriptions here:

1) Three of a kind. There are 216 (6 times 6 times 6) combinations and only 6 of them can get you a 1 number win (which pays 150 to 1).

2) Two of a kind. This pays 8 to 1, with odds of 5.82%, as there are 12 ways of making a 2 of a kind.

3) Any 3 of a kind, whether 1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2 etc and this pays at 24 to 1. The probability is still 6 chances out of 216 or 2.78%.

4) Small bet (this is a spot on the game table) paying even money. On a small bet you bet that the total of the three dice will add up to 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 excluding a 3 of a kind.

5) Big bet – like a small bet, you choose this area of the game table and this bet also pays even money. The sum of the three dice must equal 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, or 17 excluding a 3 of a kind.

6) 4 to 17.  You bet on a number from 4 to 17, being the total face value of all 3 dice. Payouts for these number bets are as follows:

  • If the total is 4, winning bets are paid 50 to 1
  • If the total is 5, winning bets are paid 30 to 1
  • If the total is 6, winning bets are paid 18 to 1
  • If the total is 7, winning bets are paid 12 to 1
  • If the total is 8, winning bets are paid 8 to 1
  • If the total is 9, winning bets are paid 6 to 1
  • If the total is 10, winning bets are paid 6 to 1
  • If the total is 11, winning bets are paid 6 to 1
  • If the total is 12, winning bets are paid 6 to 1
  • If the total is 13, winning bets are paid 8 to 1
  • If the total is 14, winning bets are paid 12 to 1
  • If the total is 15, winning bets are paid 18 to 1
  • If the total is 16, winning bets are paid 30 to 1
  • If the total is 17, winning bets are paid 50 to 1

7) Duo Bet – You bet on 2 different numbers which must appear on at two of the three die and pays at 5 to 1.

8) One of a Kind bet – you bet a single number that must appear on one, two or all three dice.  This is shown on the game table as 1, or 2, or 3, or 4, or 5, or 6.

The payout on a 1 of a kind bet is dependent on the following

  • If the number is one of the three dice, you are paid even money
  • If the number is on two of the three dice you are paid 2 to 1
  • If the number is on all three dice you are paid at 3 to 1

High risk Sic Bo strategy is designed for high stakes players who are looking to risk more in order to win more. High rollers love the excitement that this strategy generates and potential wins involved. When multiple bets come in on one roll, you can win big but your risk level is extended.

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How to play live dealer Texas Hold ‘em

In live dealer Texas Hold ‘em it’s important to note that the payouts can differ between operators and platform providers so it’s best to check payout tables before you start playing. A decent payout structure should look something like this:

Main Hand Bets

Royal Flush100 to 1
Straight Flush50 to 1
4 of a Kind40 to 1
Full House30 to 1
Straight or Lower7 to 1

Ante Bets

Royal Flush100 to 1
Straight Flush20 to 1
4 of a Kind10 to 1
Full House3 to 1
Flush2 to 1
Straight or Lower1 to 1

How to play Live Dealer Texas Hold ‘Em

  1. Once you’ve chosen your live dealer platform and operator of choice and your Texas Hold ‘em dealer, you need to place your bets.  The dealer will give you 2 cards face up, known as your pocket cards. They will also deal themselves 2 cards face down.
  2. The dealer then deals 3 flop cards face up.
  3. You need to place an Ante, or enforced bet – this makes sure there is always action and you can’t just sit back and wait for ‘the nuts’.
  4. You can bet on Aces, meaning you bet on the feasibility of Aces turning up during that hand.
  5. The gaming software will let you know if you’ve made a winning hand with your pocket cards and the flop
  6. Once the flop is dealt you can either call (to continue playing the hand against the dealer) or fold to quit the hand.
  7. If you choose to call you will automatically bet twice your ante bet.
  8. The dealer will deal out the turn and river cards then show reveal their two pocket cards. The live casino online software will then automatically award you the appropriate win depending on the value of your hand (see pay table below) and ensuring that your hand has beaten that of the dealer
  9. If you and the dealer have the same hand, the winning player will be the person with the highest card.

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